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Steep Acre

Steep Acre is tamed by manicured gardens, terraced stone walls and inviting garden rooms ideal for weekend entertaining or quiet moments. This textural garden is full of rounded, sculpted, and curvaceous shaped boxwoods. Structured elements are complimented by flowering blooms throughout the season.


Featured in Connecticut Cottages and Gardens, Traditional Homes Magazine, Participant Conservancy Garden Tour


“There are some things that are better done alone, but a garden, particularly one of a certain scale and definitely those at non-primary residences, is not one of them. The garden that we have developed over the years would be firstly, dead and secondly, far less interesting, less beautiful, balanced and enjoyable were it not for Dave. It is not just a matter of his ceaseless labor, but of his discerning eye, vast knowledge and highly developed sensibility, that have contributed to our ongoing labor of love.”

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